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Become a Consortium Member

Joining the Consortium is easy. Any public or not-for-profit organization that is willing to participate, contribute and interact with Consortium members and staff is welcome. Simple membership contracts and "Scopes of Work" are created and a fixed fee schedule is determined after assessing the size and the number of operational sites of the requesting agency. Additional services can be negotiated at a standard rate.

Members can usually expect a 5:1 ratio of benefit to cost,
and value is guaranteed!

For some potential members, the benefits sound too good to be true, so the Consortium offers the following guarantee: "If you don't receive full value from the program, we'll float your membership free until you do." It sounds like a difficult promise to live up to, but for Consortium staff, it is all in a day's work. Time and time again, the program has been able to save its members two to five times the amount of their subscription in just one transaction. That's a statement facility managers understand.

To discover how we can create a program that will best fit your specific requirements, contact Consortium Manager Edwin Valbert at 360-956-2055 or by email.