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Public Fleet Success in Green Transportation

We are available to help your fleet plan and implement steps toward cleaner, greener transportation options. If you would like more information or assistance building more success in green transportation, please send us an email.

The Electrification Coalition EV Policy Showroom is a collection of tools and resources for policymakers, EV advocates, industry partners and other stakeholders seeking to advance policy to accelerate the deployment and adoption of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. These seven tools are:

  • State EV Policy Dashboard - searchable database of state policies pertaining to transportation electrification, and monitor activity on EV fees.
  • EV Roadmap Roundup - includes EV and EVSE incentive programs, utility rate structures, consumer education, and equity considerations.
  • EV Funding and Finance Guide - identifies funding and financing options to accelerate transportation electrification.
  • EV Tools & Calculators Clearinghouse - compiles tools and calculators for quantifying the impacts of electrification efforts.
  • AchiEVe Toolkit - provides model EV policies at state, local, and utility levels to help accelerate the switch to EVs in an effective and equitable way.
  • Freight Electrification Report - addresses advantages of electric trucks over their diesel counterparts.
  • ZEV State Scorecard - ranks key ZEV policies being implemented in various states.


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