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WSU Energy Program Accounting Services

Services Offered

The WSU Energy Program offers a number of services related to PM and our clients can select which of these services they would like, including:

  • Improving Data Access: Downloading all the data in PM for a particular organization to an Excel spreadsheet or Access database to make it much more easily viewed and understood than by viewing one property at a time in PM or using PM default reports
  • Entering Data: Tracking down and compiling energy use data from utilities and uploading it to PM, including:
    • Updating PM to include the latest available energy use data
    • Filling in any gaps in past energy use data that preclude the production of accurate multi-year charts and graphs
    • Correcting inaccurate energy use data
    • Modifying the interactions among properties, such as properties that are part of a campus and buildings that share a utilities meter
    • Partnering with our client to review building data (e.g. gross floor area, number of occupants and computers, occupancy schedule) that are vital for accurately calculating ENERGY STAR PM scores, as well as Energy Use Intensity (EUI)
  • Reviewing Data: Looking over energy use and building data entered by another organization to assess data quality
  • Interpreting Data: Analyzing short-and long-term energy use data and scores to determine how it may indicate equipment, maintenance, and operation issues, as well as which properties may be the most cost-effective targets for investments in energy efficiency improvement projects
  • Implementation Discussion: WSU Energy Program staff can meet with clients to discuss the data review and interpretation and:
    • Explain state requirements for energy use tracking and reporting
    • Identify properties that seem to have significant maintenance and operation issues
    • Suggest actionable opportunities to improve facility energy efficiency


The cost typically varies from $4,000 to $15,000 per year for services, depending on a number of factors:

  • Number of properties
  • Number of utility meters
  • The current condition of PM data
  • Which of the services discussed above are desired
  • Frequency of service—typically semi-annual or annual
  • Membership status in the WSU Energy Program Plant Operation Support Consortium - the program to increase the efficiency and sustainability of public facility operations by providing technical assistance, education, and consultation to support facility operation and maintenance


For additional information, contact project manager Tanya Beavers at (360) 956-2133 or