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Industrial Newsbriefs

January 2014

Welcome to this edition of Industrial Newsbriefs, produced by the Washington State University Extension Energy Program. Please forward this issue to those of your colleagues interested in industrial energy efficiency. View archive 

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Congratulations to the 2013 Washington Industrial Energy Leaders (WIEL) award winners! Governor Jay Inslee presented trophies to five Governor’s Award recipients and four Sponsor’s Award recipients during an awards ceremony at the Washington State Capitol on December 10, 2013. The 2013 award winners will also be recognized during a special session at the 6th Annual Northwest Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit in Portland, Oregon on January 15, 2014. A call for applications for the 2014 WIEL program will be announced late summer/early fall of 2014.


Port Angeles co-gen plant tests at full power

The newly expanded cogeneration plant at the Nippon paper mill in Port Angeles, Washington, is being tested to ensure optimal performance when running at its intended capacity of 20 megawatts. Once fully operational, it will produce enough renewable energy to power half of the city of Port Angeles. The mill recently received the Washington Industrial Energy Leaders Governor’s Award for Leadership in Innovation. For details, see “Biomass Cogeneration Plant at Nippon Paper Mill Undergoing Tests,” published December 9, 2013, in the Peninsula Daily News.


Compressed Air Best Practices

The December 2013 issue of Compressed Air Best Practices is now available for download; this issue’s focus is Air Compressor Controls. Article topics include case studies of compressed air control upgrades, types and selection of compressed air dryers, the discovery and use of existing compressed air controls, and more.

Compressed air piping guidance

Overcoming Your Challenges: Efficient Compressed Air Piping” is a brief article by Ron Marshall for the Compressed Air Challenge, published December 13, 2013, in Maintenance Technology. The article provides basic guidelines for an efficient compressed air piping system, including measurements for header sizing and drop-downs. Links to further information are also provided.


Warden food processing plant achieves Energy Star certification

The ConAgra Foods plant in Warden, Washington, achieved its Energy Star certification in December 2013. The facility is one of eight ConAgra plants to receive Energy Star Certification this year. In addition, ConAgra’s Lamb Weston Facility in Paterson, Washington, recently received the Governor’s Award for Leadership in Energy Performance. Learn more in “ConAgra Foods Facilities Again Achieve Energy Star Certification; Number of Plants Recognized for Supplier Energy Efficiency Increases,” published December 24, 2013 at


Metal casting efficiency

Maximum Efficiency, Economy in Aluminum Casting” was published in the November 2013 issue of Industrial Heating (free login required). The article describes a melting furnace system which makes optimum use of waste heat, burner efficiency, and increased dosing precision. Together, these three elements can significantly increase the efficiency of the aluminum casting process.


New rule for electric motor efficiency

The U.S. Department of Energy published the final rule for Electric Motors Test Procedures on December 13, 2013. The new rule allows currently unregulated motors to be tested, increases the efficiency requirements of some types of motors, and adopts definitions to clarify scope of coverage. To learn more, see the Federal Register rule page.

Tax credits for investment in alternative energy manufacturing

On December 12, 2013, the U.S. Energy Department (DOE) announced $150 million in tax credits for investments in the manufacture of energy equipment. The Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit will defray the cost of investment in the manufacturing of equipment for hydropower, wind energy, smart grid technologies, and other alternative energy components. For details, see the DOE press release.


VFDs for improved plant efficiency

Building a Better, More Efficient Plant,” published December 26, 2013 at, describes the important role variable frequency drive motors have to play in increasing plant efficiency. Included are case studies of industrial facilities that reduced energy consumption significantly by switching to variable frequency drives: the Ste. Genevieve cement manufacturing facility in Missouri, and Gunn’s Hill Cheese plant in Ontario, Canada.

The following two articles were published in the November 2013 issue of Pumps & Systems:

  1. "Efficiency is a Primary Goal in AODD Pumping” was written by Tony Carden, Tuthill Corporation. The article describes successful designs that have produced higher efficiencies in AODD (air-operated double diaphragm pump) pumping.
  2. "Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Industrial Pumps,” by Anusuya Ramadoss, of Beroe, explains that the LCC (life-cycle cost) of industrial pumps far exceed (by a factor of five) their initial cost and the cost of their installation. As a result, firms with “matured procurement division” are paying attention to LCC in their procurement decisions, and are decreasing LCC at various points in the lives of their pumps.


Pacific Northwest

6th Annual NW Energy Efficiency Summit
January 15, 2014, Portland, Oregon

The NW Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit is the region's premier gathering of industries and energy interests working to advance northwest industrial competitiveness through energy efficiency. Presentations will include practical applications of energy efficient technologies in both electricity and natural gas. Energy experts and industry peers will discuss real-life energy savings success stories and challenges. In breakout sessions, attendees will gain hands-on experience and instruction on the use of data loggers to measure energy use, and have opportunities to speak with energy program providers about training, services, and incentives that can help companies save energy. Attendees will also learn more about the 2013 winners of the Washington Industrial Energy Leaders awards, and the Idaho Awards for Leadership in Industrial Energy Efficiency.


For a listing of other upcoming industrial energy efficiency trainings, visit the following websites:

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U.S. Department of Energy Industrial Best Practices Training Calendar

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