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Industrial Newsbriefs

July 2014

Welcome to this edition of Industrial Newsbriefs, produced by the Washington State University Energy Program. Industrial Newsbriefs is a current awareness service provided by the Washington State University Energy Program Library to assist users in tracking developments in industrial energy efficiency.View archive 

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We hope you will bookmark the Industrial Newsbriefs blog, and check it frequently for energy-related news. It will be a subset of WSU Energy Library’s Energy Newsbriefs blog at You will find the Industrial section by clicking on Industrial Newsbriefs at the top of the Categories list in the column at the right. Recent blog entries include articles on energy management in wastewater treatment plants, motors and drives in a paper mill, U.S. motor regulations, and energy assessments for compressed air systems. To read these, and other industrial postings, visit the blog regularly.


Pacific Northwest

NEEA Industrial Trainings

Adjustable Speed Drives and Energy Efficiency
Yakima, WA
June 26th, 2014

This training has been cancelled due to lack of registrations.

Compressed Air Challenge – Level 1
Spokane, WA
July 17th, 2014

Are your compressed air energy costs under control? Even the smallest compressed air system is a relatively large source of energy consumption and cost. Make your company more profitable with the Compressed Air Challenge™, a series of seminars that applies proven techniques to achieve cost-effective solutions. Optimizing your compressed air systems can lead to higher productivity, energy savings, increased product quality and greater efficiency. This training offers attendees the opportunity to use their own system data in seminar exercises, as well as mastery of compressed air system components and techniques. Attendees can apply training and implement changes immediately upon return to their work place.
Registration fee: $139
Registration deadline: July 3rd
Registration Link:

Efficient and Effective Industrial Lighting
Redmond, OR
July 23rd, 2014
This year of 2014, LED products have really become cost effective. LED high bays with 120+ lumens per watt, 100,000+ hours rated life, up to 10 year warranty are usually the best solution for many projects. But it is important to get the best ones, and sometimes other technologies can be better. This class also focuses on hooded industrials, strips, troffers and as well as some exterior lights. Pros and cons of high lumen full and reduced wattage T8s will be covered. T8s, T5HOs, T8VHOs, electronically ballasted ceramic metal halide, induction, plasma and LED will be compared. Different conditions such as wet locations, explosion proof lighting, food safety and other issues will be discussed. Attendees will learn about wired and wireless controls. Attendees will also learn about some of the benefits of human centric lighting, which includes improved circadian rhythms, mood, visual acuity, performance and sustainability. Case studies, and low cost/no cost options will also be discussed during class.
Registration fee: $139
Registration deadline: July 9th
Registration Link:

Motor Systems Management Best Practices
Medford, OR
July 29th, 2014

This course teaches attendees how to use USDOE MotorMaster+ software, an energy efficient motor selection and management tool, which includes a catalog of over 20,000 AC motors. This tool features motor inventory management tools, maintenance log tracking, efficiency analysis, savings evaluation, energy accounting, and environmental reporting capabilities. The course includes an enhanced user manual with new reporting methods and efficient predictive maintenance practices.
Registration fee: $139
Registration deadline: July 15th
Registration Link:

Air Cooled Refrigeration and Energy Efficiency
Boise, ID
August 6th, 2014

With an emphasis on air cooled split refrigeration systems, attendees will develop the skills and knowledge to reduce the energy use and operating costs of their refrigeration systems while improving reliability. The presentation will address system basics, energy efficiency best practices, and maintenance practices. Case studies will be presented to show illustrations of opportunities as well as present effective solutions to common problems. Many of the basic efficiency principles can be applied across other systems to improve efficiency. Attendees will understand how to leverage utility and government programs to help finance efficiency improvements. This training is for non-ammonia refrigeration systems
Registration fee: $139
Registration deadline: July 23rd
Registration Link:

Energy Efficiency of Chilled Water Systems and Cooling Towers
Missoula, MT
August 27-28th, 2014

Chilled Water Systems, which provide cooling for industrial and commercial facilities, often account for a major portion of the energy consumed in these facilities. Attendees will learn how technology improvements can reduce energy costs by more than half. Topics include chiller machinery, refrigerant options, the impact of using variable speed for compressors, and system pumps. In addition, a case study will be presented that shows how an energy-efficient chiller was selected. The Cooling Tower course addresses efficiency measures and other issues, including cooling tower sizing vs. energy savings, approach control strategies (efficient fan operation), water treatment (including ozone), water conservation and maintenance. This course includes a case study exercise that works through an example of how a cost-effective and efficient cooling tower was selected. Register for one day/one topic for $139 or register for both days for $199.
Registration fee: $139 for one day, $199 for both days
Registration deadline: August 13th
Registration Links:
Chilled Water on 8/27 - $139:
Cooling Towers on 8/28 - $139:
For both Chilled Water & Cooling Towers on 8/27 & 8/28 - $199:

Other Industrial Trainings

Pump Systems Optimization: Energy Efficiency & Bottom-line Savings
Kent, WA
July 8, 2014

This one-day course presented by WEG Electric Corporation will gain new skills that help improve centrifugal pump system efficiency and learn the methods to reduce energy consumption. Participants also earn 7 professional development hour (PDH) credits from the Hydraulic Institute, an approved provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Professional Engineers who attend the course. System engineers, maintenance, operations, energy, performance personnel, and even non-technical personnel will find this training useful in improving the overall efficiency and reliability of motor-driven pumping systems.
Registration fee: $200
More information:
Registration Link:

Pump Guy Seminar
Tigard, OR
August 5-7

The Pump Guy Seminar is presented by world-renowned pump expert Larry Bachus (a.k.a. "Pump Guy"). The training is designed to provide process plant engineers, managers, technicians, operators, and others involved with pumping systems technical knowledge on industrial pump design, operation, and maintenance. Upon completion of this training event, attendees will be armed with the necessary information to improve plant production via reliable pump and process piping system design strategy. Attendees receive a certificate for 21 professional development hours upon completion of the course and a copy of Larry's wildly popular textbook, Everything You Need to Know About Pumps.
Registration fee: $1495 (group rate available)
More information:

Webinars & Online Courses

Industrial Lighting - Tips on What's Best for Your Application
August 5th, 2014
10-11am PST

LED is taking over in hi-bays and other interior and exterior industrial lighting, but it is important to get LED products with recommended lumens, lumens per watt, Kelvin, color rendering, optical control, rated life, pricing and warranty. Attendees can expect to learn how to select the best LED and other types of lighting products for both interior and exterior applications.
Registration fee: Free!
Registration Link:

Energy Auditing and Troubleshooting
October 21, 2014
9-10am PST

This webinar will show you how to estimate energy consumption by end use without the need for sub-metering. The class will focus on refrigeration, compressed air end uses, HVAC, lighting, and office equipment. In addition, students will receive audit checklists for energy conservation. Several third-party auditing tools will also be reviewed.
Registration fee: Free!
Registration link:

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