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Energy Related Bill Tracking

Washington State Legislature 2007 Regular Session

Provided by the WSU Extension Energy Program Library

Last updated 05/1/2007

The Legislature adjourned sine die Sunday, April 22

Bill* Companion
Title** Status Status
SHB 1029   Defining E85 motor fuel Gov to sign 5/3 5/1/2007 Sullivan, B.
SHB 1037   Regarding electrical transmission Del to Gov 4/20/2007 Morris
HB 1038   Developing regional compacts for siting electric transmission lines Del to Gov 4/20/2007 Morris
SHB 1140   Allowing for the net meter aggregation of electricity Del to Gov 4/20/2007 McCoy
E2SHB 1303 SB 5586 Encouraging the use of cleaner energy Del to Gov 4/22/2007 Dickerson
HB 1443 SB 5431 Creating a public utility tax deduction for the transportation of agricultural commodities Del to Gov 4/20/2007 Grant
SHB 1508 SB 5575 Providing an exemption from business and occupation tax for the resale of natural or manufactured gas by consumers Gov signed 4/17/2007 Orcutt
HB 1676 SB 5686 Allowing public utility districts to disburse low-income energy assistance contributions Gov signed 4/19/2007 Fromhold
HB 1789   Minimizing threats to the environment caused by leaking home heating oil tanks Del to Gov 4/18/2007 Kagi
HB 1820   Reducing air pollution through the licensing and use of medium-speed electric vehicles Del to Gov 4/20/2007 Dickerson
SHB 1929   Authorizing utilities to engage in environmental mitigation efforts Del to Gov 4/20/2007 Hurst
SHB 2007   Defining allowable fuel blends Gov to sign 5/3 5/1/2007 Eddy
SHB 2129   Regarding geothermal core holes Del to Gov 4/20/2007 Van De Wege
SHB 2261   Providing for the evaluation of additional measures to reduce wood smoke emissions Del to Gov 4/20/2007 Campbell
SSB 5225 HB 1314 Modifying gas and hazardous liquid pipeline provisions Gov signed 4/20/2007 Oemig
SB 5272 HB 1426 Modifying the administration of fuel taxes Del to Gov 4/22/2007 Haugen
SSB 5445 HB 1459 Authorizing oil and gas regulatory cost-reimbursements Gov signed 4/21/2007 Jacobsen
SSB 5481   Concerning water conservation measures in performance-based contracting. Gov signed 4/13/2007 Oemig
ESB 5669   Requiring agencies to expedite decisions regarding the implementation of renewable fuel standards Gov to sign 5/3 5/1/2007 Holmquist
SSB 5881 HB 2038 Modifying water power license fees Del to Gov 4/20/2007 Poulsen
ESSB 6001   Mitigating the impacts of climate change Gov to sign 5/3 5/1/2007 Pridemore
SB 6014   Authorizing industrial development on reclaimed surface coal mine sites Gov signed 4/21/2007 Swecker
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For additional information on the Washington state legislative process, questions about the status of bills, or to leave a message for a House or Senate member, contact the in-state Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.