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Energy Related Bill Tracking

Washington State Legislature
2008 Regular Session

Provided by the WSU Extension Energy Program Library

Last updated March 14, 2008

The 2008 Regular Session adjourned sine die on March 13, 2008

Bill* Companion
Title** Status Status
SHB 1032   Creating a sustainable energy trust more H Rules 3C 3/13/2008 Morris
SHB 1037   Electrical transmission C 325 L 07 5/4/2007 Morris
HB 1038   Electric transmission lines C 326 L 07 5/4/2007 Morris
EHB 1057   Requesting information on the use of alternative fuels more H Rules 3C 3/13/2008 Hudgins
ESHB 1211   Providing sales and use tax exemptions for solar hot water components more H Rules 3C 3/13/2008 Chase
E2SHB 1303 SB 5586 Cleaner energy C 348 L 07 5/7/2007 Dickerson
3SHB 2053   Providing for improved availability of motor vehicle fuel during power outages or interruptions in electrical service more Del to Gov 3/13/2008 Goodman
E2SHB 2533 SB 6585 Concerning attachments to utility poles of locally regulated utilities Del to Gov 3/12/2008 McCoy
SHB 2639 SB 6658 Regarding the procurement of renewable resources Del to Gov 3/12/2008 Takko
E2SHB 2703   Encouraging energy efficient lights more H Rules 3C 3/13/2008 Morris
ESHB 2758   Adding products to the energy efficiency code H Rules 3C 3/13/2008 Morris
E2SHB 2815 SB 6516 Regarding greenhouse gases emissions and providing for green collar jobs Gov signed 3/13/2008 Dunshee
ESHB 2847 SB 6746 Creating a sales and use tax exemption of materials and services used in the weatherization assistance program Del to Gov 3/11/2008 Ormsby
HB 2894   Wood burning appliancesAdding questions about wood burning appliances to the seller's disclosure statement for residential real property transfers H Rules 3C 3/13/2008 Campbell
HB 3141   Concerning sustainable residential weatherization for low-income households more H Rules 3C 3/13/2008 Liias
HB 3188   Exempting waste vegetable oil from excise tax Del to Gov 3/13/2008 Roach
E2SHB 3216   Developing wave and tidal energy technologies more H Rules 3C 3/13/2008 Seaquist
ESHB 3303 SB 6866 Providing a business and occupation tax credit for qualified preproduction development expenditures for polysilicon manufacturers Del to Gov 3/13/2008 Grant
SB 5272 HB 1426 Adminstration of fuel taxes C 515 L 07 5/15/2007 Haugen
ESB 5599   Modifying provisions related to the distribution of tax proceeds from thermal electric generating facilities more S Rules 3 3/13/2008 Schoesler
ESB 5669   Renewable fuel standards C 308 L 07 5/3/2007 Holmquist
SSB 5881 HB 2038 Water power license fees C 286 L 07 5/2/2007 Poulsen
ESSB 6001   Climate change C 307 L 07 5/3/2007 Pridemore
ESSB 6308   Preparing for and adapting to climate change more S Rules 3 3/13/2008 Rockefeller
ESSB 6580 HB 2797 Addressing the impacts of climate change through the growth management act Del to Gov 3/12/2008 Marr
SB 6753 HB 2768 Regarding changes in calling burn bans for solid fuel burning devices Del to Gov 3/10/2008 Fraser
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For additional information on the Washington state legislative process, questions about the status of bills, or to leave a message for a House or Senate member, contact the in-state Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.