The WSU Energy Program's computer services include software development, website and database creation, computer programming, telecom and computer networking, wireless networking, Internet administration, email maintenance, computer backup, and video conferencing.

Software Development

Our energy engineers and computer programmers develop software to analyze energy projects. We also design and implement websites and databases for internal and external clients. Many of our software products are used throughout the U.S. and internationally. Software project details

Information Technology Support

Our information technology staff is skilled in all areas of computer, telecom, and video services. Besides serving the WSU Energy Program team, we have contracts to support the information technology needs of many other local and regional organizations. IT project details

Telework Support

In support of the Clean Transportation goals specified by Governor Jay Inslee in Executive Order 14-04, our information technology specialists are working with the state Department of Transportation to develop and support trip-reduction strategies. Videos of telework webinars are available to staff in all state agencies.


Naming and Taming Telework Dragons

Taming Telework Dragons: WSDOT Telework Case Studies

MotorMaster+ International

Our engineers and software team developed MotorMaster+ International, a free online software tool that supports motor systems planning efforts. MotorMaster+ International is now available in six languages on three continents.