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Information on Projects Included in Governor Inslee’s Executive Order 14-04

Agricultural Energy Efficiency_December 2014.pdf, December 2014

Building Energy Efficiency CEEP_December 2014.pdf, December 2014

Expanding Solar_December 2014.pdf, December 2014

Industrial Energy Efficiency_December 2014.pdf, December 2014


Creating Energy Solutions, July 2014

Sample of Staff Expertise , August 2014

Building and Equipment Efficiency

HUD-Code Manufactured Homes Report

Application of Combined Space and Water Heat Pump Systems To Existing Homes for Efficiency and Demand Response, Technology Innovation Project 338, September 2017

2016 Update: Community Energy Efficiency Program in Washington State, January 2017

Assessing the Condition of K-12 Public Schools: A Report to the Washington State Legislature, December 2016

Combined Space and Water CO2 Heat Pump System Performance Research – Final Report, Technology Innovation Project 326, September 2016

Assessment of Demand Response Potential of Heat Pump Water Heaters Final Report – Technology Innovation Project 302, September 2016

Laboratory Assessment of Combination Space and Water Heating Applications of a CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater, July 2016

Advanced Heat Pump Water Heater Research Final Report, Technology Innovation Project 292, December 2015

Combined Space and Water CO2 Heat Pump System Performance Research -- First Midterm Field Study Report, Technology Innovation Project 326, September 2015

Advanced Heat Pump Water Heater Research First Midterm Field Study Report, March 2015

Building Efficiency in the Spotlight -- Creating Energy Solutions, August 2014

Community Energy Efficiency Program in Washington State, August 2014

Evaluating Energy Savings in All-Electric Public Housing in the Pacific Northwest, March 2014

Laboratory Assessment of Sanden GAU Heat Pump Water Heater Lab, September 2013

Data Center Energy Savings Through Heat Recovery, February 2013

Past, Present and Future Directions in Residential Single-Family Energy Audits and Retrofits, July 2012

Baseline Energy Performance and Opportunities to Improve Energy Efficiency in Family Military Housing, February 2012

Cost Implications of Retrofit vs. Replacement of Manufactured Housing, February 2012

Technical Solutions for High Performance Habitat Homes in Washington State, February 2012

Building a More Efficient Future, April 2011

Development of an Operation and Maintenance Rating System for Commercial Buildings April 2009

Externally Applied Building Insulation, 2008

Residential Heat Pump Water Heaters, 2008

Building Commissioning for New Buildings, 2005

Rater News

Raters News Winter 2023

Rater News Fall 2023

Rater News Summer 2023

Rater News Spring 2023

Rater News Winter 2022

Rater News Fall 2022

Rater News Summer 2022

Rater News Spring 2022

Rater News Winter 2021

Rater News Fall 2021

Rater News Summer 2021

Rater News Spring 2021

Commercial/Industrial Efficiency

Community Energy Efficiency Program

CEEP Update: 2019

CEEP Update: 2017

Partnering with AVISTA and UCONS, LLC for Manufactured Home Duct Sealing: Doing Together What We Can’t Do Alone, May 2015

Partnering with Community Energy Challenge and Lopez Community Land Trust: Doing Together What We Can’t Do Alone, May 2015

CEEP Update: 2013-2014, January 2015

CEEP Summary: 2012-2013, August 2014

CEEP award summary and project descriptions, March 2014

Focus Group Findings on Community Energy Efficiency Programs Administered by the Washington State University Energy Program, August 2013

The Community Energy Efficiency Pilot Program in Washington State, February 2013

2010 Legislative Report

Agricultural Efficiency

EnergyAg Newsbriefs

Washington State Farm Energy Program, February 2013

Renewable Energy

Creating Energy Solutions – Supporting Bioenergy Development, September 2015

Clean Fuels and Vehicles

Clean Energy Development for Thurston County -- Phase 1: South County Community Digester Project Opportunities, May 2016

Biochar from Biomass and its Potential Agronomic and Environmental Use in Washington, February 2015

Washington State Presents: Adventures in Alt Fuel/Vehicle Policy, Feb. 2014 (PowerPoint)

Biomethane for Transportation: Opportunities for Washington State, January 2013

Developing a Wood Pellet/Densified Biomass Industry in Washington State: Opportunities and Challenges, Technical Assessment, Winter 2013

Developing a Wood Pellet/Densified Biomass Industry in Washington State: Opportunities and Challenges, Report to the Washington State Legislature, December 2012

Renewable Natural Gas and Nutrient Recovery Feasibility for Deruyter Dairy, May 2012

Biomethane Technologies -- Costs and Benefits for Transportation (webinar, part 1 of 2), Jan. 2012

Biomethane: Transportation Experience and Opportunities in Washington State (webinar, part 2 of 2), Jan. 2012

Biomethane for Transportation: Opportunities for Washington State, Nov. 2011

WSU Bioenergy Advances, May 2011

Estimating the Contribution of Rural Energy Sources to Washington State’s Energy Production and Consumption, November 2009

Clean Heat and Power Using Biomass Gasification for Industrial and Agricultural Projects, February 2010

Washington State Clean School Bus Program Report to 2005 Legislature, no date

Assessment of Potential Strategies to Reduce Emissions from Diesel Engines in Washington State, Dec. 2003


Promoting Solar Energy in the Spotlight – Creating Energy Solutions, August 2014

Solar Electric System Design, Operation and Installation October 2009

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Overview of Hydrogen And Fuel Cells In Washington State Report 2008


Washington Geothermal Energy Status and Roadmap, May 2009

A Regulatory Guide to Low Temperature Geothermal Development in Washington, April 2009

Washington Geothermal Resources

Geothermal Case Study – Elko Heat Company, June 2004

Geothermal Case Study – Empire Energy, June 2004

Geothermal Case Study – Elko County School District, June 2004

Public Facilities Support

Indoor Air Quality

Good Ventilation is Essential for a Healthy and Efficient Building, January 2013

Measuring Carbon Dioxide Inside Buildings - Why is it Important?, January 2013

Northwest Portable Classroom Project Report, March 2003

New Construction Procurement Guidelines for the Pacific Northwest, March 2003

New Construction Set-up Guidelines for the Pacific Northwest, March 2003

New Construction Commissioning Guidelines for the Pacific Northwest, March 2003

New Construction Set-up/Commissioning Checklist for the pacific Northwest, March 2003

Retrofit Guidelines for the Pacific Northwest, March 2003

Archived issues of Indoor Air Quality News

Plant Operations

K-12 School Buildings in the State of Washington: Investigating their condition to better inform solutions, report to the Legislature, January 2016

Plant Operations Support Consortium to Inventory and Assess the Condition of Washington's Schools, November 2015

Clean Facilities Drive Success, August 2014

Plant Operations Support Consortium in the Spotlight- Creating Energy Solutions, July 2014

Resource Conservation Management (RCM)

Energy Management Information Systems: A Selection Guide for Resource Conservation Managers, January 2019

Shared Resource Conservation Manager Program Final Report, March 2013

RCM: A Tool for Public Facilities, August 2010

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Archived Issues of RCM News

REM Publications

Federal Resource Efficiency Manager Assessment, September 2006

Energy Audit Workbook, 2003

Energy Efficiency Measures List, 2003

Exterior Maintenance Checklist, 2003

Preliminary Site Assessment Checklist (Schools), 2003

Energy Auditor Checklist, 2003

A Strategy for the 21st Century, 2003

Blueprint for Successful Resource Efficiency Managers (REM) Program, 2003

Funding a Resource Efficiency Manager (REM) Program, 2003

Introduction to Resource Efficiency Manager (REM) Programs, 2003

Workforce Development

Outdoor-Industry Jobs, November 2018

Skill Profile for Utility Foremen in the Pacific Northwest, June 2018

Skill Standards for Retail, Hospitality and Tourism: Customer Service Specialists and Supervisors, October 2014

Sustaining Our Nation’s Infrastructure: The 9th Annual Energy & Construction Best Practices Summit, Summary of Proceedings, July 2014

Workforce Development in the Spotlight -- Creating Energy Solutions, July 2014

Sustainability and Postsecondary Education in Washington State, June 2014

Energy Efficiency Workforce Trends in the Pacific Northwest Power Industry: Customer Service Representatives and Energy Conservation Program Managers, December 2013

Creating a Workforce with 21st Century Skills, December 2013

Workforce Challenges of Electric Power Employers in the Pacific Northwest, October 2013

Skill Standards for Food Manufacturing Maintenance Mechanics, August 2013

Energy Efficiency Management Skills for Manufacturing: Implications for Workforce Development in Washington State, August 2013

Skill Standards for Utility Customer Service Representatives, December 2012

Advancing the Innovation Economy in Washington State: The Critical Role of Workforce Development, December 2012

2011 Green-Economy Jobs Report, June 2012

Review of the Economic and Workforce Effects of Biomass and Solar Electricity Generation in Washington State, June 2012

Growing Washington’s Green Economy: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges, October 2011

Weatherization Crew Leader Skill Standards, September 2011

Sustainability and Workforce Education in Washington’s Community and Technical Colleges: Briefing Paper, June 2011

Sustainable Business Practices of Commercial Retrofit Companies in Pierce County, March 2011

Pierce County Sustainable Economy Study: Briefing Report, June 2010

Advanced Materials Manufacturing, Sustainability and Workforce Development, June 2010

2009 Washington State Green Economy Jobs, March 2010

Green Jobs in Washington State: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges: Discussion Summary, January 2010

Energy Efficiency Industry Trends and Workforce Development in Washington State, December 2009

Renewable Energy Trends and Workforce Development in Washington State, June 2009

2008 Washington State Green Economy Jobs, January 2009

Workforce Challenges of Electric Sector Employers in Washington and Oregon, January 2008

Software and Information Management

Delivering Energy Solutions for Farms, Factories and Families – Software Innovations and Information Management, August 2013

Energy Library

Current and Archived Energy Newsbriefs

Energy Research Made Easy, September 2010

Product and Technology Reviews

Reviews are hosted at the EnergyIdeas database

Program Evaluation

Pierce County Healthy Homes Case Study (January 2019)

Wx+H Summary Report (October 2018)

Wx+H Summary Report (July 2018)

Wx+Health Progress Report (September 2016):

Blue Mountain Action Council

King County Housing Authority/Seattle King County Public Health

Pierce County Human Service/Tacoma Pierce County Public Health

The Opportunity Council

Snohomish County Human Services

Spokane Neighborhood Action Project

Yakama Nation Housing Authority

Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic


Woody Biomass Gasification Technology and Market Update


We developed the following tools to simplify energy efficiency decision-making for businesses, industries and individuals. These products were developed with public agency funding so they are available for free. WSU Energy Program staff maintains these tools although they are featured on other organizations' websites.



Airmaster+ helps users analyze energy use and savings opportunities in industrial compressed air systems. Use AIRMaster+ to baseline existing and model future system operations improvements, and evaluate energy and dollar savings from many energy efficiency measures. AIRMaster+ provides a systematic approach to assess compressed air systems, analyze collected data, and report results. Download the software or learn more. For assistance with this and other U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) software tools, contact the EERE Information Center. DOE Disclaimer notice


MotorMaster+ is a free online National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Premium® efficiency motor selection and management tool that supports motor and motor systems planning by identifying the most efficient action for a given repair or motor purchase decision. The tool includes a catalog of more than 20,000 low-voltage induction motors, and features motor inventory management tools, maintenance log tracking, efficiency analysis, savings evaluation, energy accounting, and environmental reporting capabilities. Download the software or learn more. For assistance with this and other DOE software tools, contact the EERE Information Center. DOE Disclaimer notice

MotorMaster+ International

The software allows plants to manage a motor inventory and make cost-effective decisions when repairing and replacing motor systems. In addition to English, this tool is now also available in Spanish, French, and simplified and traditional Chinese. This software allows various currencies, standards and cost defaults for applicable countries. WSU Energy Program staff developed the software for the U.S. DOE, with sponsorship from Natural Resources Canada, Corporacion Nacional del Cobre de Chile (Codelco), European Community - JRC, UK Action Energy (Carbon Trust), and the International Copper Association. Download the software or learn more. For assistance with this and other DOE software tools, contact the EERE Information Center. DOE Disclaimer notice

Online Resources

Air Conditioning Cost Calculator

The Air Conditioning Cost Calculator compares the energy use and cost of different types of residential cooling systems. Using the map and drop down boxes, choose the criteria pertinent to your application. You will need to know your electricity cost and the size (tons or BTUs) of the equipment you are comparing.

Commercial Building Audit Checksheets

Commercial Building Audit Checksheets assure comparable audits are performed, no matter who does the audit. These modifiable checksheets are intended to be used with Portfolio Manager, a free ENERGY STAR resource. Using the Microsoft Excel platform, the checksheets include:

  • Pre-audit summary
  • Envelope
  • Lighting & power
  • Mechanical
  • Miscellaneous (kitchens, swimming pools, scheduling)
  • Hydronic
  • Renewable
  • Building performance walk-through assessment

The “Useful Links” tab supplies complementary documents such as boiler site assessment guidance, metering site assessment guidance, and motors data collection sheet.

Energy Solutions Database

Thousands of useful energy efficiency resources have been selected by our engineers, analysts and librarians. The Energy Solutions Database is a great resource for homeowners, students, and energy professionals seeking technical information. Search by sector, topic or keywords to find case studies, reports, factsheets, programs, software, organizations, multimedia, or codes and standards.

Heating System Cost Calculator

This online tool compares the energy use and cost of an existing heating system versus a new heating system. Visit the Heating System Cost Calculator and choose from a list of common systems and fuel sources, and see how the various systems perform in your climate zone.

Pumping System Efficiency Calculator

The Pumping System Efficiency Calculator can be used to determine the overall "wire-to-water" efficiency of your pumping plant and to determine the mechanical efficiency of an electric motor-driven centrifugal pump served by a three-phase power supply. Efficiency tests assist pumping plant operators to identify inefficient systems, schedule pumps, determine energy efficiency improvement measures, and estimate potential energy savings.

RELCOST Financial Model

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template is used to evaluate the financial viability of energy projects. RELCOST evaluates minimum power sales or carbon offset price, the optimum mix of equity and capital to attract investors, or sensitivity to incentives. Three methods of evaluating financial performance are provided by RELCOST: life cycle cost analysis, proforma statements, and financial ratios. Download RELCOST, the user manual or examples related to combined heat and power or anaerobic digesters.

Swimming Pool Energy Loss Calculator

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet calculates heating and dehumidification costs due to evaporation from a swimming pool. The calculations take into account activity level, air and water properties, dehumidifier energy and more. Open the spreadsheet.

Washington State Energy Legislation Tracking Tool

The WSU Energy Library provides the Energy Legislation Tracking Tool to record the current status of energy bills in the Washington State Legislature. Archives to 2005 are available.