Our staff is at the forefront in developing and evaluating energy efficiency programs and technologies. Whether evaluating a new product, supporting development of the energy workforce, or helping design a utility incentive program, we have the resources and institutional knowledge needed to take the lead.

Technology Research

The WSU Energy Program tracks emerging technologies and innovative applications of familiar efficiency strategies. Technology assessments typically involve literature reviews, science and engineering analysis, and interviews. We also conduct hands-on field and laboratory assessments and analyze performance data. Technology Research details

Workforce Development

Our workforce staff members are nationally recognized leaders in labor market and education research; technical assistance; and evaluating workforce, education and training initiatives and policies that support development of the energy workforce. Workforce Development details

Program Evaluation

The WSU Energy Program evaluates energy efficiency initiatives to provide funders with performance data and managers with feedback to improve their programs. Program Evaluation details

Infrared technology is a valuable tool used to identify building heat losses.