Upload Code Compliance Calculator Files

Use this form to send your Code Compliance Calculator spreadsheet file and related project documents that may help us provide you assistance with the tool. Please email us first before uploading files, so we have background on your question and can best assist you.

Note we can assist you with preliminary review of your files and help you set up your C3 analyses correctly. However, we are not funded to collect data (e.g areas, U-values or descriptions) for your project from drawings or to do significant data entry into the C3 for you. Please do your best to enter the details of your project into the tool before sending it to us. If you are having trouble with some fields and getting errors, we can help you clear those up. Don’t be concerned about sending a file that may have some errors.

Your analysis will need final review and approval from your building official, as detailed reviews of your design and inputs are not within our scope.