Least-Conflict Solar Siting


The Least-Conflict Solar Siting Gateway is a unique customized space that contains geospatial information and collaboration tools to assist mapping group participants in defining least-conflict utility scale solar siting in the Columbia Plateau region of eastern Washington.

Access the Gateway here

The Gateway is located within Data Basin, a science-based mapping and analysis platform that supports learning, research, and sustainable environmental stewardship.

To work in a mapping group, participants must join Data Basin by signing up on the Gateway. Once signed up, send your user name and group/s you wish to participate in to Karen at janowitzk@energy.wsu.edu.

Tutorials on how to use Data Basin were given by Conservation Biology Institute, the project’s GIS and mapping consultant, in September 2022. If new to Data Basin or needing a refresher, please view the recordings of these tutorials which have been separated into short clips by topic.

Learn more about Data Basin here.