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Energy Code Forms and Documentation

Forms and documentation are provided by WSU Energy Program to assist with building projects. The forms and documentation required by building departments will vary depending upon each permitted project.

Code Compliance Calculator (C3)

Screenshot of the C3 Calculator

C3 requires Excel for Windows installed on your computer (not web-based) and is not available for Macs.

The Code Compliance Calculator (C3) will help you document building designs for WSEC-R. It is especially useful for designs using the UA percent trade-off for Option 1 envelope measures (Section R402.3) and the Total UA Alternative (Section R402.1.4). C3 replaces the UA Alternative Worksheet (formerly referred to as the Component Performance worksheet) and integrates the glazing schedule, the heating system sizing worksheet, and a ventilation calculator. The ventilation calculation is to determine whole house mechanical ventilation airflow rate per IRC and IMC, and a maximum allowable duct leakage calculator per RS-33.

Disclaimer: Results from the C3 assumes that all data is entered correctly and completely. Results do not constitute an official decision. Your analysis should be reviewed by your building official/authority having jurisdiction.

Code Compliance Calculator (C3) and Instructions

Prescriptive Method - Individual Code Compliance Forms

Select the WSEC-R edition needed from below for the appropriate downloadable links containing the WSU-EP provided tools for the Washington State Energy Code – Residential Compliance Prescriptive Path. The prescriptive path is the typical compliance approach. To follow this approach, you will need to complete a prescriptive worksheet, glazing schedule, and heating system sizing calculator. You will also need the final inspections forms.

WSEC-R 2021 Code Edition Forms

WSEC-R 2018 Code Edition Forms

See the 2018 Energy Code page.

Energy Code Permit Consultants

In an effort to help the public, we are hosting a contact list of available companies or individuals whom will provide code support services such as collecting and completing permits on behalf of a company or contractor. There is a growing demand for this service with a more “grass roots” industry. As such we ask that you understand the list is voluntary and not an approved or vetted list of companies or individuals. Just a collection place for folks to utilize as these services are difficult to locate in some areas of the state. Please list a large general area for area served such as south eastern Washington or northwestern WA. You may select multiple locations.

To complete the voluntary form
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R405 Simulated Performance Alternative Path

R407 Passive House Path

Passive House logo

Photo courtesy of PHNW

This new compliance path in the 2018 WSEC-R allows certified Passive House projects to achieve compliance with WSEC-R. There are requirements for documentation at plan review and final site inspection. See Passive House Northwest for more information.